Say Hi to our new Product Owner – Daria

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“Innovine was exactly what I was looking for: The space and opportunities to innovate and improve. It was a pleasure to see a company where people care about motivation, involvement and have the desire to improve and help.”

Hi, Im Daria, and I joined Innovine as a product owner. My passion is to create IT-solutions which help businesses to innovate and grow.

In my past I was a Senior .Net developer with more than 15 years of experience on different types of IT-projects: from industry automation to web shops. Being for so long in the industry you slowly become a dinosaur full stack developer. Finally coding became just a tool for me which helps to bring value to the end user. I even thought, I “code to help”.

In the last two companies, I was thrilled the most by seeing different types of potential improvements and the growth of the product or project. I started to call it a Holistic Product Management, to highlight my systematic approach to the complexity of these type of projects and products. In this path I loved everything, talking with end users in warehouses, planning the business growth with the client product owners, optimizing internal processes, educating teams and clients on my way. But development was still just a tool for me. I overgrew being a developer and wanted to care for the products instead of only coding them.

When I first talk with Caimey, managing director of Innovine, we spend more than 2 hours talking about project management, product growth, business models of IT projects and I don’t remember what else. Instead of a planned half hour introduction meeting it became  a productive discussion where we shared each other’s experience.

The official offer followed, and it contained a phrase which can be encapsulated as my current dream job description: “You will get a lot of freedom to do what you can do best and what you would like to do. With that freedom we ask responsibility and seniority.” And it happened, I have a lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility, and I love it! What I also like at Innovine is that each developer not only cares about the tickets in the dashboard but about delivering end users and business partners value. It is also a great click with the team. Being a developer for so long helps me every day to communicate with the team. Not only about daily tasks but also about architecture decisions and aligning it with the client business goal




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